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Be Fit For Your Today and Your Tomorrow

Take care of your body with a smarter approach to fitness

You have one life to live and one body to take care of for your years ahead. The StayAhead Method shows you how.

The 7 Foundations of Fitness

The StayAhead Method is a balanced and comprehensive fitness program that focuses on 7 key areas of fitness.


Muscle Tone and Bone Density


Freedom of Movement


Improve Athletics & Reduce Fall Risk


Heart and Lung Health


Maintain Height and Body Structure


Increase Breath Capacity


Reduce Stress & Increase Happiness

Want to know how the StayAhead Methodology works? Read the Manifesto!

The Manifesto explains a simple strategy that helps you incorporate the 7 Foundations of Fitness into your busy life. Download it for free.

What You Get With Your Membership

Your StayAhead membership gives you unlimited access to the entire StayAhead program


Do your workout any time and any place! Workouts are 15 to 30 minutes. CLICK HERE to view the workouts.


As a member, you receive access to all LIVE classes, happening every week! CLICK HERE to see the current schedule.


If you can’t attend a scheduled LIVE class, do the replay later. It’s so convenient! CLICK HERE to see the available replays.


15-minute workouts that target a specific aspect of fitness, such as hip function, balance, upper body strength, lower back pain, and more. CLICK HERE to see more.


Managing stress is an essential element of overall health and wellness. Spending a few minutes every day with guided relation and breathing exercises feels so good!


Whether you’re working in a company office or a home office, work can be stressful. Plus, sitting for hours is detrimental to your health. Office Yoga is the answer!


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Happy StayAhead Members

Join our community of active people who are staying ahead as they age

You just cannot imagine how lucky we all are to have you in our lives! Your calming voice, wonderful humor and healing workouts are the perfect tonic for these crazy times. I have sent your link to lots of friends across the country and just put one of your books in a bag for a friend. Thank you again for all you are doing in such a mindful and thoughtful way.

Kathryn and Steve Miller

Knowing that one of Drew’s online classes is on my calendar is a hugely uplifting part of my day. I’ve taken Drew’s classes for over 5 years and love that no 2 are ever alike! Now with StayAhead Fitness, I get to be in his class more often and even have the flexibility to repeat a favorite.

Karen Hodges

Your workouts are so helpful to me! I’m a single mom and I work full time. I don’t have time to go to the gym. After the kids are in bed, I pull up one of your workouts. They make my body feel better and I know I’m doing at least a little bit to take care of myself. Thank you!

Julie Salmons

I desperately need the guided assistance offered by your online classes and my membership in the StayAhead program.. Right now, I am stressed, and while I am grateful to be healthy and am ready to weather this storm, I am so glad to have your help in maintaining my mind and body’s needs to continue to reach my fitness goals. Thank you, what a gift this is!

Kim Morss

Your future is up to you…

Did you StayAhead today?