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Safe, Effective Home Workouts for 55+

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Be Fit For Your Future with a smarter approach to fitness

StayAhead Fitness is for people who want to feel and move their best in their second half of life. StayAhead workouts are safe, enjoyable, and effective:

  • Increase muscles mass and bone density
  • Improve mobility and freedom of movement
  • Reduce risk of falls and broken bones
  • Keep your heart and lungs healthy

A fitness program for us...

Most fitness programs are for weight loss, big muscles, or looking good in a swim suit. Our goals are different. We want to feel and function our best without getting injured. 

A smart approach to fitness done consistently will help you age gracefully over the decades. Everyone ages. But we don’t have to get old! A few minutes of StayAhead workouts will have you feeling fantastic today and for your future.

Workouts That Keep You Fit & Functional

A few minutes of exercise each week makes all the difference in how you feel and function.

Hip Strength and Leg Mobility

Balance Exercises Reduce Falls and Injury
Safe and Simple Strength Workouts
Fun, Low-Impact Cardio Movements
Core and Hip Strength Using Ankle Weights
Intermediate Yoga Flow and Breath
Safe, Slow Stretches For Improved Mobility
Body Friendly Strength and Flexibility
Pilates-Style Exercises for Core Strength
Joint-Friendly Resistance Band Exercises
Have Fun Exercising With Drew!
Modifications Offered So Everyone Can Participate


Will You Be The Next Success Story?

Meet Drew

Drew has been teaching yoga and fitness for 25 years. He is passionate about the benefits of fitness for your bright future. During his career, Drew has worked with a wide range of clients from beginners to athletes. Over the years he learned the types of workouts that are the most effective and safe at the same time. Drew makes fitness accessible and fun for everyone. It’s a must for your active and independent future.

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