About Drew

Drew Overholser, M.A., C.Y.T., is a fitness educator and certified yoga instructor. He has a master’s degree in educational psychology. Out of college he spent eleven years as a medical researcher at Craig Hospital.

Drew first began teaching yoga classes over twenty years ago. During that time, he has taught over 10,000 group fitnss/yoga classes, given dozens of workshops and special trainings, and worked directly with people in one-on-one sessions.

His professional mission is to educate people on how to navigate the aging process with a smarter approach to fitness that targets the specific effects of aging.

Drew’s approach to fitness is completely unique. It addresses the specific needs of the aging body in a way that feels good, is safe, and takes only a few minutes each day.

Drew now spends the majority of his work hours serving his online membership with weekly live classes and adding workout videos and relaxation audios to the ever expanding video library. He also enjoys his own daily workouts, yoga, meditation, healthy eating, a great glass of red wine, hiking, playing golf, and travel.