The Book

A book with ONE purpose: to help you feel and function your best, today and for your future years.

The StayAhead Method gives you a strategy for taking better care of yourself with a smarter approach to fitness of body and mind.



Welcome to The StayAhead Method! In this book, you’ll learn a strategy that will help you feel great and function better today, and for your future years.

Chapter 1 : Consistency

Create a sustainable fitness habit that keeps you fit and functional for your years ahead.

Chapter 2 : The Middle Ground

Not too easy. Not too hard. Exercises done in the middle ground are more efficient and reduce your risk of injury.


Chapter 3 : The Right Things

Be sure you focus on the specific types of exercises that addresses the effects of aging.


Chapter 4 : Strength

Learn how to avoid osteopenia and sarcopenia by improving and maintaining muscle strength and bone density.


Chapter 5 : Mobility

Improve your ability to move freely with Range-of-Motion, flexibility, and pliability exercises.


Chapter 6 : Balance

Reduce your risk of falls and improve your athletic performance by understanding how balance works and then doing simple exercises.


Chapter 7 : Cardiorespiratory

The heart and lungs must have moderate stimulation to remain healthy to allow you to do the things you love.


Chapter 8 : Posture

Improving and then maintaining your posture for your lifetime, helps you feel better, look better, and reduce back pain.


Chapter 9 :Breath

Learn how to expand your breathing capacity for improved lung function and for managing stress.


Chapter 10 : Calm

You’re not truly fit if you’re stressed all the time. Learn relaxation techniques that increase happiness and peace of mind.


Chapter 11 : StayAhead Strategy

Create your own custom fitness program that will sustain you so you don’t fall behind.



By doing a little bit every day, you feel better today and you set yourself up for a successful future.

11 Chapters


200 Pages

7 Illustrations

Full Color

Includes Video Course

Sample Pages

Companion Course

Includes videos and audios for every chapter

Learn the StayAhead Methodology by reading the book and watching videos and listening to audios in the online course.

Drew Overholser, M.A.

Yoga Teacher, Fitness Trainer, Author, and Speaker

Drew has been teaching yoga and fitness classes and private sessions to clients for twenty years. He enjoys golf, hiking, travel, and sometimes just relaxing at home. He enjoys the quieter side of life, finding respite in nature, animals, and meditation. Drew lives in Centennial, Colorado.


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