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5 Ways to Add Strength to Your Life

Maintaining strength as we age is essential. My hope for each person is that you recognize the importance of resistance training for your long-term goal of being fit for your future. How? … 1. MAKE IT FUNIf you dread resistance training, you’ll never make a habit of it. You can get your mind to believe ANYTHING. Tell

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Movement helps the brain

LET’S MOVE! As we age, movement naturally gets more difficult. Understanding that simple fact is important. If we embrace reality rather than deny it, we can take appropriate action.  When movement becomes a little harder, you find ways to do it that works for your particular needs. It’s that important. But why is movement so important? We know

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Becoming More Flexible

Injuries, aging, poor posture, weak core, being sedentary, and sitting too much are factors that lead to bodily tightness and restriction. I think most of us are aware of these factors and we realize that we’d be well-served by stretching more often. Being more flexible would be good for us. Maybe we did a few stretches a while back and thought, “That

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Milo and the Cow

AN OLYMPIC CHAMPION Have you heard of the historical figure named Milo of Croton? He was born in the Greek colony of Croton, in southern Italy. He was an Olympic champion wrestler known for overpowering his opponents. He also was famous for his amazing acts of strength. Purportedly, one of his training techniques was to

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Lips, Chapstick, and Exercise

THE POWER OF REMINDERSWhat does chapstick have to do with exercise? My lips tend to get dry during these long Colorado winters. I’ve been forgetting to apply chapstick until it’s too late. So I bought six chapsticks and I put one on my dining room table, one in my car, one by my bed, one in my

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