Exercise Habits

Are You an Athlete?

Do you think of yourself as an athlete? Maybe. Maybe not. You may be beyond your sports playing days or you never were into sports in the first place. Maybe you’re

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Lips, Chapstick, and Exercise

THE POWER OF REMINDERSWhat does chapstick have to do with exercise? My lips tend to get dry during these long Colorado winters. I’ve been forgetting to apply chapstick until it’s too late.

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Relieve Shoulder/Neck Pain

The next time you’re at the grocery store or standing in line at the bank, take a casual glance at people around you. Observe how they stand. Notice their posture.

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3 Steps for Staying Strong

Strength We understand the importance of maintaining muscle strength as we age. No big surprise that it’s important. But strength isn’t just about being able to lift stuff and climb

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