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Centenarian Decathlon

As a reader of my newsletter, you’re no doubt interested in your long-term health and fitness. You’ve heard me talk before about the Centenarian Decathlon: Ten basic, functional movement patterns or capabilities that, if we can do them in our 100s, puts us far ahead of other Centenarians. The key to being able to do the Centenarian Decathlon is

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Heavy Eater or Light? It’s Important to Know

Do you like food? Of course you do! Everyone loves food, right? Wellllll, maybe. Some people have a tendency toward eating more than they should. Other people have a tendency to eat less than they should.  It seems to me that our food consumption tendencies are hard-wired. Some people just tend to eat a lot and some

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Do One Thing for a Long, Healthy Life

Is getting old actually necessary? Kind of an odd question. The quick answer is, yes of course it’s necessary. Everyone gets old and everyone dies. It’s a fact of life. That’s not such a bad thing anyway. It would be weird to actually live forever.  But what isn’t weird is our desire to feel and function our

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Are You an Athlete?

Do you think of yourself as an athlete? Maybe. Maybe not. You may be beyond your sports playing days or you never were into sports in the first place. Maybe you’re approaching or into your middle age years and you care about staying fit and taking care of your body. But an athlete? Naw.  MIDDLE AGEDecades

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Relieve Shoulder/Neck Pain

The next time you’re at the grocery store or standing in line at the bank, take a casual glance at people around you. Observe how they stand. Notice their posture. Most of us stand as if gravity is about to take us down. “Stand up straight” isn’t just for teenagers or military personnel. It’s for

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3 Steps for Staying Strong

Strength We understand the importance of maintaining muscle strength as we age. No big surprise that it’s important. But strength isn’t just about being able to lift stuff and climb a flight of stairs. It’s about overall body functioning, particularly in two key areas: Joints When muscles get weak, more pressure is put on joints.

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