StayAhead Classes

StayAhead BASIC


This class offers an easier workout, yet focuses on what you need to stay strong and flexible. We will work on strength, balance, flexibility, breath expansion, and more. 

StayAhead FIT

Beginner to Intermediate

This class is not too difficult but plenty active.  We’ll raise the heart rate with safe cardio movements, do balance exercises, strength exercises for upper body, lower body, core, and hips, and feel-good stretches at the end of class.

StayAhead FLOW


In this class we flow with the breath. Go deep into your yoga practice with focused breathing combined with thoughtful movement. Cues will be offered that keep you moving safely and efficiently. This class culminates with deliciously deep stretches.

StayAhead CALM

All Levels

This wonderfully relaxing experience includes deep breathing, and long stretch positions that feel amazing. The entire class is done on the floor. You may want to fall into bed immediately after class!

StayAhead CHAIR


Designed for anyone looking for an easier workout with the assistance of a chair. Some of the workouts are done completely seated. Other workouts have some standing work using the chair for support.