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When you workout regularly, you’re GIVING YOUR BODY WHAT IT NEEDS to stay healthy and fit: Strength. Flexibility. Balance. Cardiorespiratory. Ideal weight. Look hot! Feel hot!


Just as important, regular workouts IMPROVE MENTAL HEALTH by increasing happiness hormones, decreasing stress hormones, raising self-esteem and confidence, and helping you feel purposeful about your life.

Get Stronger

Increase Flexibility

Overall Fitness

Better at Balance

Core Toning/slimming

CardioRespiratory Fitness


55+ Programming

Relaxation/Stress Management

Private sessions

Get Individualized attention

Work one-on-one with me to develop your customized fitness program that fits your goals. When you work with me individually, I’ll take the time to understand your unique needs and goals. Private sessions can consist of fitness coaching, functional/core fitness, yoga, stretching, strength training, or balance exercises. 

at My Studio or Online

Your sessions can be at my gym location or we can do your sessions over Zoom. No need to leave the comfort of your home. Save travel time.

Be Inspired

I’ll provide you with inspiration that helps you to stay on track with your workouts. Plus, your sessions are fun because they are all about you! Whatever you need that day is what you will receive.

Be Your Best

Your relationship with your body is important. I’ll help you create a body you love living in. 

  • Get stronger – When your body is strong, you look better, feel better, and confidence goes way up!
  • Increase your functional fitness – move better throughout your day and be better at your favorite sports and games.
  • Dealing with an injury? I can customize a program for your unique situation.
  • 55+ workouts that help you avoid falls, keep up with grandkids, travel, garden, hike, etc. Keep doing what you love for a long time!

Group fitness Classes

Workout With like-minded people

Want to workout with others? Group classes are energizing and a great way to meet new people with fitness goals like yours. There’s nothing quite like the energy of group fitness classes!

Find Your Class

Let me know if you have a group you’d like to set up a class for. Or if you want to join a class, let me know what you’re interested in, and I’ll help you find a class.

Examples of Class Types

  • Yoga
  • Boot Camp
  • Strength Training
  • Booty Shape-up
  • Functional Training Circuits
  • Core Tone

Online Workouts

The ultimate in Convenience

Prefer to workout at home? The pandemic changed forever how we do things. Some people now PREFER doing online workouts for the convenience, safety, and comfort of working out at home.

A variety of Workout Options

My online program gives you: 

  • Live classes via Zoom every week
  • Replays of live classes on demand
  • A library of over 150 workouts
  • Reminder emails to keep you on track with your home program

Try it for free

You can try my online program for free with a 7-day trial. Go to to learn more and sign up for your free trial.

Corporate Programs

Fitness/Wellness at work

Workplace fitness/wellness is a powerful benefit to offer your employees. Imagine the feeling of getting paid to workout. When you offer fitness programming to your employees, that’s what they will feel! 

Fitness and health go hand-in-hand. Helping your employees with their physical and mental fitness improves productivity, workplace happiness, and an increase in overall quality of life.  

Posture/Workstation Evaluation

Is there a bit of slouching and poor posture at your office like these guys?

If work stations are not ergonomically efficient it’s hard NOT to slouch. Let’s fix that! I’m an expert at evaluating workstations.

However, chairs and desks are only half the equation. Learning correct standing and seated posture reduces back pain, and increases energy and creativity. By giving your employees a complimentary posture/workstation evaluation, you’re giving them a gift that lasts a lifetime. A win-win for your employees and your company.

I will individually evaluate each workstation and give recommendations for improvements. Then we will do a group session to learn correct seated and standing posture.

Stress Management Training

Stress can come from many sources. Your employees might feel stress from project deadlines, interactions with supervisors, or relationships with other employees. 

Your employees may also be dealing with stress from factors outside of work that likely affects work performance and output.

The good news is that all human beings have built-in stress management tools that can be utilized for our benefit once we learn how to access them.

For example, breathing and relaxation techniques, positive self-talk, and other methods for increasing feel-good hormones and decreasing stress hormones.


Program Options

There are several workplace program options available to match your company’s unique situation.

  • Weekly fitness/yoga classes
  • Lunch hour wellness education series
  • Weekend workshops
  • Week-long off-site retreats
  • Posture/Workstation Evaluations
  • Stress management training

Contact me to discuss a plan that’s perfect for your company. I work with all sizes of businesses, from small privately owned companies to large corporations.

Get Inspired!

“I love Drew's workouts! I was out of shape after two pregnancies and not feeling very good about myself. Drew helped me get my body back without getting injured.”
Iza Marie - age 33
“Approaching middle age, I wanted to start taking better care of myself. Drew helped me get stronger, improve my posture, and my back pain is totally gone!”
Jenny, age 47

Hike that mountain

Be Fit for your partner

Row your boat

“Drew makes working out fun! I had no idea I'd come to love yoga and stretching. It's the perfect compliment to my weight training sessions."
Hank - age 28
“I'm a grandmother now and I love taking care of my granddaughter. But that means getting down on the floor and moving around with her. Thanks to Drew's workouts I can now do that."
Mary - age 69

Travel to amazing places

Be Fit for your adventurous life!

Get strong in body and mind

Ready to Raise the roof on your mind/body fitness?

Let's go!

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