Heavy Eater or Light? It’s Important to Know

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Do you like food? Of course you do! Everyone loves food, right? Wellllll, maybe. Some people have a tendency toward eating more than they should. Other people have a tendency to eat less than they should. 

It seems to me that our food consumption tendencies are hard-wired. Some people just tend to eat a lot and some people just tend not to eat a lot. What do you think? 

What’s important here is that it doesn’t matter which side of the scale you fall on: heavy eater or light eater. Both have their pros and cons. 

If you’re a heavy eater then you can rest assured you’re getting enough calories to meet your needs. Hopefully you’re consuming high quality calories rather than stuffing your body with empty calories and junk food. By getting enough healthy protein, carbs, and fat, your body has the macronutrients it needs to stay strong. The challenge for you is not to eat too much. Being overweight puts pressure on your joints, makes your heart work harder, and other problems. 

But, there is the other side. I’m one of them. If you’re a light eater then you can rest assured you’re not going to have a weight gain problem. Keeping your weight in check takes pressure off your joints, is good for your heart, and other benefits.However, the challenge for us is that if we’re not eating enough, we may not give ourselves the calories and macronutrients we need to stay strong. Sure, it may sound great to not have to worry about gaining weight. But if we’re not careful, we could become frail later in life because we’re not getting enough of those macronutrients to maintain our muscle mass and bone density.

It’s important is to recognize your tendency. Which are you? Heavy or Light…

** If you tend to overeat, practice consuming 10% LESS at every meal. That’s a very small decrease. It makes a big difference over the years.

** If you tend to under eat, practice consuming 10% MORE at every meal. It makes a big difference over the years too.

I’m a fitness guy. I tend to view everything from the lens of movement. 

Movement is Life 

Regardless of your eating habit: heavy or light, working out is key to your longterm success. Similar to food consumption, exercise needs to be in balance. Consistency is everything. Not too much. Not too little. Just right works for the long haul.



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