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Lips, Chapstick, and Exercise

What does chapstick have to do with exercise? My lips tend to get dry during these long Colorado winters. I’ve been forgetting to apply chapstick until it’s too late. So I bought six chapsticks and I put one on my dining room table, one in my car, one by my bed, one in my bathroom, and two spares. This strategy is working! I’m applying chapstick much more often and my lips feel so much better.

Strategically placing reminders around your environment is a great way to do more exercise. We don’t have to be obsessed with exercise. But a little bit every day helps so much. Consistency is key to fitness success. 

How would this strategy work for you? Put a cute little sign in key locations around your house. On the refrigerator. On the bathroom mirror. On the kitchen counter. A little sign or sticky note that says “BALANCE” would remind you to stand on one foot for a few seconds.

This next idea isn’t always practical, but I do it on occasion… I place a couple of my dumbbells on the seat of my TV-watching chair. Before I sit and watch TV (the only TV I watch is sporting events – Go Nuggets! Go Avs!), I carry those two dumbbells around my den for a minute. Weighted carries are so useful.

Come up with your own reminder strategies that fit your lifestyle. Let me know what strategies you come up with. I’m going to go look for one of my chapsticks!



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