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The 7 Foundations of Fitness

To StayAhead of aging, your fitness program must include these seven key foundations

1. Strength

2. Mobility

3. Balance

4. Cardio

5. Posture

6. Breath

7. Calm

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Simple workouts that fit your active lifestyle

To get out on that bike, play great golf or tennis, hike, swim, dance, travel, keep up with the kids/grandkids for a long time to come, you must have an effective fitness program.

The StayAhead workouts are quick and effective so they won’t cut into your time on the bike! 🙂

You only live once. Do what you love!

As the decades go by, we need to do a little MORE self-care rather than a little LESS, which is what most people do.

But not you! As a StayAhead Insider, you are part of an active community of people who strive to get the most out of every year of life.

Simple workouts for body and mind will do the job.

Walk this journey of life with joy and freedom

Freedom doesn’t come free of charge. It requires effort. Take care of yourself every day so you can maintain your independence, dignity, and quality of life, every single day of life.

Finding heart coherence for peace of mind

 After we get a little older, we begin to accept life more and to put a higher priority on peace of mind. You may find that deep breathing and relaxation exercises have more appeal to you than ever before. They feel sweet, gentle, and inviting 🙂

Exercises that bring the heart into coherence results in the emotions of joy, gratitude, forgiveness, and peace. Your heart will last longer too!

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