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Milo and the Cow


Have you heard of the historical figure named Milo of Croton? He was born in the Greek colony of Croton, in southern Italy.

He was an Olympic champion wrestler known for overpowering his opponents. He also was famous for his amazing acts of strength. Purportedly, one of his training techniques was to pick up a calf and carry it on his back.


The lesson here is that your body will get stronger if you carry heavy things AND if you do it consistently.

He did this every day for four years. Milo gradually got stronger to support the growing weight of the calf. By the time the full-grown cow became too heavy to lift, he ate it! So I guess you could say Milo believed in weight-bearing exercise AND getting his protein.

We don’t have to rely on Milo’s story to see if this theory actually is true. The only way to know for sure is to try it for yourself. Get a pair of heavy dumbbells and carry them around every day. If you don’t want to gradually increase the amount of weight, carry the weight for longer. Or carry it going up and down stairs.

Carry heavy things. I love it! I feel it strengthening my legs, hips, and abs. Additionally, carrying heavy things strengthens the forearms which is important for hand and wrist health. Strong forearms take pressure off the wrists. Be sure to grip the dumbbell firmly for maximum forearm benefit and safety.



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