to the StayAhead Community!

The StayAhead Community is a group of people who are dedicated to taking great care of ourselves so we can do all the things we love for a very long time ahead.

Since you’re here, you must have the same goal. I’m thrilled you’ve chosen to join us!

Let’s get acquainted. Watch this 2-minute welcome video.


Member Benefits

As a member, you have receive these benefits:

  • LIVE classes
  • REPLAYS of live classes
  • RECORDED workouts
  • SPECIALTY programming like HipPower
  • EDUCATION videos
  • RELAXATION audios

Member-Only Weekly Email

I love communicating with my members!

Every Wednesday morning, you will receive a short email with member-only content, information about upcoming programming, and positive reminders to stay steady with your workouts.

Make sure you’re receving your member-only email. Watch this video.

To view the videos in full screen mode, click on the small box in the lower right corner of the video. To exit full sceen mode, click “esc” on your keyboard.

Live Classes and Replays

Go to the live class page where you’ll find:

  • The LIVE class schedule
  • Replays of the live classes


Video Library

Most of the workout videos are organized under the Live/Replay menu and the Programs menu. But all of the videos are actually stored in the video library. You can check it out here. It includes the workouts for the week which I have hand-picked for you in case you don’t want to search for a workout. You’ll see it at the top of the library.

Watch this video to learn how to access the Video Library.

Member Dashboard

The dashboard is where you’ll access your account information to:

  • Update your credit card
  • Change your password
  • Update your membership

Watch this video to learn how to find your Dashboard.