Frequently Asked Questions

How do I learn more about the StayAhead methodology?

Read the StayAhead Manifesto! This Manifesto declares that you can indeed stay ahead of aging. You’ll learn the specific strategy we take to achieve this goal.

  • Reading time: 15-20 minutes
  • Includes fifteen 1-minute education videos

Click on the image to download the PDF:

How do I attend LIVE classes?

To register for LIVE classes, go to LIVE CLASSES / REPLAYS on the main menu. Follow the 3-step instructions.

How do I watch REPLAYS of live classes?

The replays are one of our most popular features! Go to LIVE CLASSES / REPLAYS and scroll down to the REPLAY section. Click on the “GO TO REPLAY” button and start watching immediately! You can access the replays 24/7.

What style of classes and workouts do you offer?

I offer five styles of workouts

Recorded Workouts

Live Classes and Replays


Focus on what you need to stay strong and flexible. We will work on strength, balance, flexibility, and breath expansion.


Raise your heart rate and expand your breath capacity with safe cardio movements, balance, and strength exercises. May use resistance bands for added benefit.


Combines breath awareness with thoughtful movement. Cues will be offered that keep you moving safely and efficiently. This class culminates with deliciously deep stretches.


This wonderfully relaxing experience includes range of motion exercises for joint health, deep stretches to improve mobility, and  breathing exercises to relax tight muscles and reduce mental stress.


Designed for anyone looking for a workout with the assistance of a chair. Some of the workouts are seated, while others include standing exercises with the chair for support.

How do I save a workout to view later?

It’s easy to save a video as a favorite. Look for the box below the video with the heart. Click on the heart to make it red. Your video is saved to your favorites, which will show up on the top of your Video Library.

Will the workouts be too easy or too hard for me?

One of the biggest benefits of being a StayAhead member is that you do your workouts in the privacy of your home rather than at a gym. Having privacy makes it easy to modify your workout. You can always make an exercise easier or harder. I will give you plenty of cues to help. You always can rest or stop your workout early if needed.

Some StayAhead members are very active, athletic people who need more challenging functional workouts. Other members are less active and need gentler workouts. It’s all here!

What are the Specialty Programs all about?

Specialty Programs give you an added focus when you need it. By doing 15 to 25 minute workouts that work only on one topic, you improve rapidly.

Concerned about your balance? Want to improve your upper body strength? How bout Hip function? Reduce lower back pain? Relieve shoulder and neck discomfort? Specialty Programs are currently in development. They are completey free to you as a member!

The specialty programs currently available are:




Do you send out emails every week?

Yup! In fact, I send two emails every week:

The Sunday early morning email is sent to a large list of people who are interested in receiving tips and tricks for staying ahead of aging. I usually include a free video or educational workout.

The MEMBER-ONLY email is released Wednesday mornings. It includes updates and new workouts only for members.

Why am I not receiving your emails?

Emails sometimes go to a junk folder or a different tab, like “promotions” or “social”. Look around your email program to see if you can find my emails which are from [email protected].

Be sure to “whitelist” or “safelist” my email address to ensure you’ll never miss my messages.

Let me know if you still can’t find it.

How do I cancel my membership?

While I’d hate to see you go, I don’t want you to pay for my program if you don’t find it useful. View the Member Dashboard video on the Welcome Page for instructions to cancel your membership. Or, follow these instructions:

1. Click SIGN-IN on the top right corner of the website
2. Click Dashboard on the Main Menu
3. Click on BILLING
4. Click on CHANGE PLAN
5. Click on CANCEL

You can re-join any time. However, you will lose the current rate you enrolled at when prices go up.

Do you offer refunds?

I offer a FREE 7-day trial so you can decide if the StayAhead membership is a good fit for you. Your credit card will not be charged if you cancel your membership prior to the end of your 7-day free trial.

After the 7-day free trial…

  • If you signed-up for the monthly plan, you have the option to cancel and you will not be billed for the following month.


  • If you signed-up for the annual plan, you have the option to cancel and you will not be billed for the following year.

Unsubscribing from the email newsletter does not cancel your membership. Be sure to follow the cancellation steps above to cancel your membership and avoid being charged the following month.

Where can I view your Privacy Policy and Terms of Use?

More Questions?

I’m always here to help you, my valued StayAhead member. Send me an email to [email protected] I’ll get back to you ASAP!