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Resistance to Resistance Training

Do you have resistance to resistance? Resistance training that is!

If so, check in with yourself about that. For your long-term goal of staying fit for your future, nothing is more important than maintaining your muscle mass and bone density. When your body is strong, everything else works better. Better posture. Better energy. Better sleep. Better sex. Better mood. Better cardiovascular health. Reduced risk of falls.

Yup, when your body is strong, you look and feel a whole lot better.

Have you ever read that we can’t increase muscle mass and bone density once we get older? That message may be coming from a person or company with an ulterior motive, perhaps selling you a quick fix solution. The truth is you can get stronger at ANY age. Research says so…

Exercise physiologist and researcher Mark Peterson works at the University of Michigan where he authored new research published in Medicine & Science In Sports & Exercise that looked at whether older people can reverse the process of muscle loss.

In Peterson’s analysis of 39 studies, he found that among more than 1,300 adults over the age of 50, muscle mass could be increased by an average of nearly 2.5 pounds in just five months.

Not only did that reverse any age-related muscle loss, it actually built lots of new muscle. Related research found the greater the intensity of weight-lifting programs, the more dramatic the outcomes. Adults who lifted the most weight boosted their upper and lower body strength by nearly a third.

Strength training doesn’t have to be difficult or complicated. As with all forms of exercise, consistency is the key. Be patient and start out slow. Use lighter weights or bands. If you’ll do two strength workouts each week, you’ll see improvement much faster than just once per week and you’ll form a habit quicker. Sound good? Let’s get stronger right now…


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