Why Care About Posture?

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As you know from reading my articles, watching my videos, and doing my workouts, I talk a lot about posture. Whenever we’re standing or sitting, which is the case for the vast majority of our waking hours, we are in some form of posture. Yet it’s so easy to forget about our posture because we do it all the time.

Most of us don’t have horrible posture and most of us don’t have superior posture. Most of us have mediocre posture. Our posture is good enough to get by. The concern is that, after many decades of mediocre posture, we may no longer have the ability to stand at our full height. Not good.

Also, back pain could be partially or completely due to poor posture. In addition, mediocre posture restricts our breathing which can cause or add to feelings of anxiety. Improving your posture is quite simple to do. It’s a matter of awareness. Try this:

While you read these words, do this right now: sit up taller. What do you feel? When I do it, I feel additional space in my rib cage and my spine. I feel that my abdominal muscles lengthen. I feel my collar bones broaden. I feel my breath deepen. My breathing feels easier. Again I ask, what do you feel?

Now do this: slouch down in your chair. What do you feel? I feel a twinge of pain in my lower back because I’ve added unnecessary pressure to my lumbar spine. My abs feel soft and inactive. My shoulders feel rounded. My breathing definitely is compromised. Again I ask, what do you feel?

When we sit, stand, walk, and hike, our muscles should feel active but not tense or contracted. I call this “muscular energy”. To experience what muscular energy feels like, do this with me right now:

1. Stand up
2. Relax your muscles
3. Stand as tall as possible (lengthen up, up, up, as tall as you can)

Aging tends to take people down. But not us! We are staying ahead. Therefore we stand tall! You’ll feel your entire body lengthening, almost as if you’re growing taller. You’ll feel some of your muscles becoming more active without feeling tense or restricted. Notice how much easier your breathing is.

One of the best ways to improve your posture is to monitor it frequently. Otherwise poor posture will feel normal. To monitor your posture, use my Wall Technique. WATCH THIS VIDEO.



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