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You are in charge of your workouts. I’m your guide but you can make my workouts work for you. What do I mean by that?

Doing your workouts from home gives you the freedom to exercise on your terms. You get to exercise whenever you want, wherever you want, and wearing whatever you want. Your home is your haven. You get to set up your workout space just the way you like it.

While I do offer scheduled live classes, the LIVE CLASS REPLAYS are the exact same experience and they allow you to do your workout on your schedule.

But how about the workouts themselves?…

The beauty of online workouts is that no one can see you. You have complete privacy. It’s not like being at an in-person class where there’s an expectation that you’ll be there on time, follow the instructor’s guidance fairly closely, and not leave early which could be distracting to others.

With an at-home online class you do what works for you. But what are your options? There are many ways you can modify a workout…

You are uniquely you with your history of exercise experience, injuries, restrictions, and energy level. Therefore, it’s helpful to spend time thinking about how you can modify workouts to fit your needs. The most important thing to remember is, DON’T DO NOTHING!

Modifying individual exercises is vastly superior to not exercising at all.

Here are five suggestions for ways you can modify your workouts to make them fit your situation…

  1. If your joints ache…reduce the range-of motion (make smaller movements), reduce the number of repetitions, reduce the speed of the movement (slow motion). Let pain be your guide. Do the exercise so that it doesn’t hurt. Gradually increase ROM, do more reps, increase speed (if appropriate).
  2. If you feel mental resistance…do a super short workout. Just getting out your exercise mat, turn on a video, and do the first five minutes. Then stop. Next time, do five minutes again or add another five minutes. Coax your mind along until you feel excited about doing an entire workout. You’ll be amazed how powerful this technique is. Getting started is the hardest part.
  3. If you need more rigorous workouts…repeat the same workout or do a second workout. Or increase the number of repetitions, increase the amount of resistance (for STRENGTH workouts), for increase your pace (for FIT workouts).
  4. If you don’t like a particular style of workout…do it anyway! Just try it. Don’t like strength work? Don’t like cardio? Gosh, those things are so important if you want to be fit for your future. Make yourself do the first five minutes and see if you can convince yourself to actually love the workout style that you used to avoid.
  5. If you don’t have time…first of all, we always have time. It’s a matter of what we prioritize. Yet, life can get in the way from time to time. Here’s what to do: do a workout and take note (literally write it down) of one or two exercises you could do during your day. Examples include, 1. single leg balance, 2. squats, 3. lunges, 4. mini push-ups on knees. There’s a million others. Choose exercises that are most effective for you and do them for 10 seconds or up to two minutes during your day.

What did I forget? Comment below about ways you modify your workouts to make them work for you. Your ideas will surely help someone else. So please pitch in with your suggestions by commenting below. I’ll respond to your ideas.

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  1. When I am working on my computer and can’t do the class, I keep a couple of weights, bands, etc. under my desk. Then just do some of the exercises when I need to stand or take a break. It is not perfect, but it works for me. I have been doing these exercises for a very long time so I can just throw a class together.

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