Are you interested in live training? Attend a seminar, workshop, or retreat. Attending a live training gives you an opportunity to learn the core StayAhead exercises and receive feedback on your technique.

LOCATION. Workshops can be held at your location for family and friends, at your company, church, yoga or fitness studio, or anywhere you like.

DURATION. This information can be presented as a lunch-time seminar, a 2-hour workshop, or a weekend retreat.

WHAT’S INCLUDED. The workshop and retreat includes a manual of specific StayAhead exercises that we will discuss and practice at the workshop. Participants also get exclusive access to me via email (and optionally via Skype live video) for 30 days after the event.

GET STARTED. Contact me at [email protected] to discuss options.


Workshop Topics

  • Creating your fitness habit
  • The moderate approach mindset
  • The types of exercises we need as we age
  • Strength
    • learning isometrics
    • the tools and exercises you need
  • Mobility
    • how to create mobility
    • the exercises you need
  • Balance
    • dynamic vs static balance practice
    • the exercises you need
  • Cardio
    • how much cardio exercise do we need
    • the exercises you need
  • Hips & Core
    • why focus on H&C
    • the tools and exercises you need
  • Posture
    • should you care about posture
    • two techniques
  • Breath
    • maintain your breath capacity
    • the exercises you need
  • Calm
    • manage stress and be more relaxed
    • the relaxation exercises you need
  • Stay Ahead as you age